DR Productions

DR Productions has been created by Dallas Jones and Roger Reynolds so that fans of Doctor Who, its spin-offs, and other similar Sci-Fi / SF / Speculative fiction genres have a place to publish their own works, view other people’s efforts and make contact with like-minded enthusiasts.

The ‘D’ in ‘DR’ stands for Dallas and the ‘R’ in ‘DR’ stands for Roger. We have been collaborating on various writing projects over a number of years and have now fully embraced the digital world, branching out into producing, as well as creating our own works, audio material, and fan fiction.

The material offered and presented on this website will be predominantly original works and not available (initially, anyway) anywhere else.

DR Productions is currently a wholly digital platform, from which we will publish for example; e-zines, digital images, comics, audios, etc.

So far, it’s been an ongoing adventure – we’re having fun getting it all together and putting it “out there”.

We hope you are enjoying our efforts. Perhaps you’d like to contribute,  have questions or maybe comments.
You can contact us via email here at:


Dallas Jones & Roger Reynolds.