Currently Available Audios

DR Productions Audios

We currently have four ranges of audios.
They are; Darran Jordan Adventures, Listen, Music of the Spheres, and Tales from the Matrix.
Below is a complete list of all the titles of each of the audios in each range. Please click on a title to be taken to the page on the website that gives you information about the story and where you can either listen to the story online or download it, plus you also can make your own comments and/or reply to other comments about the story in the online comments section for that particular story.

Darran Jordan Adventures: These are our full-cast audio dramas with SFX sounds and music written and produced by us (Dallas Jones and Roger Reynolds). Our Doctor is played by Darran Jordan hence the name of this range.

Listen: This is a range of readings of short Doctor Who stories that have been published before in either fanzines or on the web. The authors of these stories have kindly allowed us to create a reading on their behalf. We have asked them if they wish to do the reading themselves, or if they would prefer to have someone else do the reading for them; currently, this is our colleague Darran Jordan.

Music of the Spheres: These are audios of music only, so far the first entry is by Roger Reynolds, but if you are interested in including your own music that has a Doctor Who feel, then please contact us using our online contact form. (or see below for our email address)

Tales from the Matrix: Our newest range sees stories being read, as in our Listen rage, but specifically from the online series of fanzines under the name “Tales from the Matrix”. This series is produced by the Guardians of Gallifrey, a Florida-based Doctor Who fan club.